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Unlock Life Workshops

Discover ways to increasing vitality in key life areas

Ever found yourself longing for a loving relationship, an ideal career, or optimal health, just like your friends seem to have? What if the key to all of these desires lies within your environment, subtly affecting your everyday life? It might seem like 'woo-woo', but modern explorations into quantum theories have revealed the significant impact of energy, both seen and unseen, on our lives.

Energy, a blend of vibration, waves, matter, particles, and interactions, permeates everyone and everything. It influences our lives in both anecdotal and scientific ways. Now, imagine waking up next to your dream partner, or realizing the fantasy of launching your own business, or achieving the best version of yourself. It's an enticing prospect, isn't it?

With the synergy of Feng Shui practices and transformation coaching strategies, this beautiful life can become your reality! Our 'Unlock Life Workshops' are tailored for individuals seeking to enhance one or more facets of their life. Ideal for self-paced learners who appreciate the 'do-it-yourself' approach, these workshops emphasize the profound effects of balancing your internal and external environments.

Through a variety of topics, the workshops aim to eliminate physical, mental, and emotional blockages. With nine core subjects, each segment is divided into three manageable parts for easy comprehension. You'll gain access to downloadable resources to broaden your knowledge, and we'll meet weekly as a group for a deeper dive into the course content.

So, are you ready to step into a life filled with vitality and beauty?

Are you prepared to unlock ancient wisdom for a more fulfilling life?

If yes, then unlocking your life the Feng Shui way is the perfect path for you!


Next workshops starting January 2024!

Unlock Life Workshops:

Enhance Your 9 Life Areas

Unlock Life Workshops offer a treasure trove of resources designed to enhance all nine areas of your life. When you enroll, you unlock access to:

  • Ancient Wisdom: Benefit from proven strategies derived from 4,000 years of mastery, dating back to when Feng Shui was first introduced to the world.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: Gain detailed insights into physical, mental, and emotional strategies that interweave the powerful techniques of intentional Feng Shui and transformational life coaching.

  • Bonus Content: Access downloadable worksheets related to each life area, offering added knowledge and deeper understanding of life wisdom.

  • Flexible Learning: If you can't make it to each live virtual session, don't worry! All sessions are recorded for convenient, on-demand viewing.

  • Authentic Connections: Join a community of like-minded individuals, each on a journey to similar future aspirations, for a rich and supportive learning experience.

  • Secure Sharing Space: Enjoy a brave space to share your insights and experiences, safeguarded by a secure login system for each cohort.

Join the Unlock Life Workshops, beginning every September and January, and discover the power of Feng Shui and transformational coaching. Offered in a cohort model, our three distinct workshops delve deep into different facets of Feng Shui and transformative coaching techniques. Each workshop provides a blend of on-demand videos and weekly group coaching sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. Start your journey today to unlock unparalleled potential in your life.

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What Life Area Do You Want to Enhance?

Relationship with Wealth

  • Career & Life's Journey
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Creativity & New Beginnings
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Relationship with Self

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Reputation & Recognition
  • Wisdom & Spirituality
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Relationship with Others

  • Love & Partnerships
  • Family & Community
  • Helpful People & Travel
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Reputation & Recognition + Removing Doubt
Love & Relationships + Authentic Connections

Our Live Group Coaching Sessions

You have a choice of the group session day to meet with your cohort. We will meet live in a virtual format once a week over the 10-week workshop.

Relationship with Wealth: Thursday 1pm or Friday 11am. 

Relationship with Others: Thursday 11am or Friday 9am.

Relationship with Self: Registration opens January 2024.

*All times are MST. Access the time zone converter.

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