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About me

Hi, I’m Karen! I can’t wait to help you unlock higher vibrations and discover your inner strength.

Karen, Key Vitality owner, wearing a black tourmaline bracelet and a bright pink shirt which represents the feng shui fire element.

My Background

Welcome to a haven dedicated to unlocking your higher vibration and helping you discover your inner strength through conscious living. As we transition into the Age of Aquarius, our lives are experiencing a revolutionary shift towards intellect, innovation, and collective wellbeing.

As a Cancer sign, certified Feng Shui practitioner, and Transformational Life Coach, I've always been drawn to pursuits that help us connect with our higher selves in a holistic manner. My journey began in 2011 when I consulted with a renowned astrologer, who recognized my strong affinity towards therapy and teaching. That same year, my trip to Southeast Asia exposed me to the powerful practice of Feng Shui, sowing the seeds for my future career.

Encouraged by the positive outcomes Feng Shui brought to various aspects of my life, I formalized my interest by studying through the International Feng Shui School (IFSS), an approved gold-level training program with the International Feng Shui Guild. My certifications include Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master Certification. Supplementing my Feng Shui expertise, I completed the Life Coaching certification program through MindValley, a globally recognized life transformation platform.

Each of us has a history filled with hardships, trauma, tragedy, and loss. I've navigated through my own challenging experiences, integrating a life-altering car accident and the painful loss of my mother spanning over a decade of deteriorating health including breast cancer. But these experiences have also taught me the power of tapping into the potent energy within and around us.

I believe that each person's life experiences and Feng Shui chart offer a beautiful reflection of the universe's intentional energy, tailored to their growth in health, wealth, and happiness. I want to help you experience the transformative power of Chi and support your energy findings and future goals. Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a vibrant and vital life? I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


Trainer Credentials

  • Pioneer and Visionary as the Founder of Key Vitality, an entity dedicated to unlocking personal and professional potential through energy mastery.
  • Dynamic Communications College Educator, where Karen facilitated learning and inspired future communicators to effectively articulate their ideas, over come fears, and make meaningful connections with others.
  • Esteemed Presenter for Leadership Douglas County, Karen leveraged her expertise to inspire, educate, and cultivate local leaders.
  • Empowered with a dual-certification in 'Feng Shui Your Life' and 'Feng Shui Master' that allows Karen to infuse ancient wisdom into modern living.
  • Armed with a prestigious Life Coaching Certification from Mindvalley, enables Karen to transform lives through powerful, personalized coaching techniques.
  • Earned a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications (Media focus) from Colorado State University, allowing Karen to artfully communicate and effectively connect with diverse audiences.
  • Received a Master's degree in Communication and Creative Writing from Regis University, honing her ability to weave engaging narratives that inspire and motivate.
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My Promise

As a certified practitioner and member of the International Feng Shui School (IFSS) and Mindvalley, I strictly adhere to the highest ethical standards and principles in my work. As a trained life coach and feng shui expert, I uphold the codes of ethics from both organizations, ensuring confidentiality, equality, personal growth, and proper communication. As an advocate for inclusivity and diversity, I apply my training in equitable practices and my experience as the former co-chair of an Inclusive Excellence Council, to every client engagement.

My mission as a Feng Shui Life Coach is to help you unlock significant improvements in your wellbeing, relationships, career, and financial prosperity. I use classical feng shui, a practice rooted in physics, mathematics, and the understanding that all matter is energy. This approach is not a religion, superstition, or magical solution but a strategic tool for harmonizing your environment. Coupled with life coaching, which emphasizes present-focused strategies and future achievements, we'll craft a bespoke roadmap to your personal and professional success.

About Me

Karen, the founder of Key Vitality, is a Colorado native based in the South Denver Metro area. Living with her husband, two stepsons, and daughter, she finds balance in her hectic life through meditation, yoga, cycling, and daily communion with nature. Karen established Key Vitality as a personalized platform for clients worldwide to discover motivation, stimulate energy, and enrich their surroundings for an abundant life. When she's not guiding clients to their greatest selves, you can find Karen exploring her beautiful home state or traversing the globe on exciting family vacations.

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Karen Browning, Your Feng Shui Transformation Coach

I love sharing the many results I've had when implementing feng shui & life coaching practices into my own life. From helping my daughter sleep, less financial worries, healthier lifestyle, to a wonderful relationship with my husband, family, and friends. The results just keep coming!


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