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Space Clearing

Ideal for people who have recently moved into a new home, completed renovations, or an annual cleansing to revitalize your space. There are so many unseen and unknown toxics in our environment that it’s important to clean these out. Think of it this way; clutter clearing is the visual component to organize your stuff and get the energy flowing - it's like when you say, "this room looks nice." Space clearing is the auditory and kinesthetic components to lift the energy up to a higher vibration - it's like when you say, "this room feels really good." 

Photos have even shown a difference in the before and after a space clearing ritual, resulting in a noticeably lighter and brighter place. If you feel great after cleaning your body and cleaning your home, imagine how wonderful you'll feel after cleaning your space too! There is a reason this tradition has been around for thousands of years. It's a must do!

Karen, Key Vitality owner complete a space clearing for better health, connections, and vitality..


  • Gain greater clarity, awareness, and focus by lifting the brain smog
  • Feel healthier, stronger, and more at ease from a cleansed space
  • Improve sleep quality and help your body recover quicker
  • Experience the power to release physical and emotional clutter


  • Clear away residue and release ties from the past (known and unknown)
  • Let go of old emotional baggage to gain a sense of belonging
  • Attract positive connections to get unstuck from stagnancy
  • Start fresh and move forward from arguments, illnesses, or death


  • Clearing your space clears your minds and allows for more room to achieve your dreams
  • Bless the new space and create a stronger connection to your environment
  • Feel less emotionally charged by setting optimistic intentions
  • Create a calm and peaceful place for a more blessed life

Space Clearing Process

Space clearing is a three-step process to breakup the stagnant energy, cleanse the space, and set intentions for the future. This personalized service involves:

  • Consultation – Schedule a FREE consultation and we'll meet virtually to review the needs for your space and which areas to cleanse. I am happy to chat via email or phone too! 303.351.2340 or [email protected]
  • Space Clearing Appointment – At your place the 3-steps are performed to cleanse your home or office. We set intentions for what is needed and use all five senses to move, restore, and vitalize the energy. Most appointments last about 2 hours. You can choose to have a feng shui assessment done as an additional service, which will also take place during this appointment. 
  • EMF Evaluation – Readings are done throughout the home, noting high exposure areas, recommendations to reduce exposure, and additional EMF resources, all provided in a comprehensive report. This is an add on service, and typically only needs to be done once.
  • Follow-up – After two-weeks, we complete a virtual check-in on your newly revived energic environment. I want to make sure you are getting the results we discussed during our consultation and to make your space truly feels like your space & the best space! 

Watch the Space Clearing and EMF videos to get a deeper understanding of the process.


Stories of Transformation

When cancer patients feel calm and nurtured.

"Even though I have forever been interested in modalities like Feng Shui, I am usually the most hesitant to move forward with self proclaimed specialists.

After finding Karen accidently, we started the work together. My instincts told me that Karen was very humble and her approach was with loving energy. She provided a consultation and the first Feng Shui application to helping the energy in my business space has been very impressive. A true burden lifting experience has occurred and I actually feel residual negative energies has been removed. I have people proclaiming they feel so good coming into my shop. They describe it as calming and nurturing. Those adjectives are worth a million to me since I help cancer patient’s full time with the services I provide.

I recommend Karen Browning as a first step source in organizing an individual’s space that is very important in their lives. Where you work, where you live… you give, therefore you must also receive a healthy exchange."

~ HANA, Specialty Salon Owner

 When a little boy feels less frightened.

"It was great to work with Karen on clearing and setting intentions for the spaces in our new home. Before Karen's work at our house, our son was frightened of a "shadow man" walking through the walls of his room. After Karen performed a space clearing and we set intentions for each space, he hasn’t mentioned the “shadow man” again. It was fascinating to find out how our energy interacts with our house and land and how small changes can make big differences in the energy flow. Karen provided a thorough report with ideas about how to improve the energy in our spaces with simple changes going room by room. I'm enjoying working through each space and feeling the change in energy flow."

~ JESS, Digital Marketing Assistant Director

Space Clearing Services

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