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At Key Vitality, I specialize in Transformational Life Coaching, a journey that goes beyond traditional life coaching by embracing a holistic approach to personal development. Located in the serene landscapes of Colorado and available globally through virtual sessions, my coaching is tailored to those who seek not just change, but profound transformation in all aspects of their lives.

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What Is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching is an innovative form of coaching that integrates holistic practices to address the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Unlike traditional life coaching, which often focuses on specific goals or outcomes, Transformational Life Coaching delves deeper into the core of your being, helping to uncover and resolve the underlying issues that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential.

My coaching strategy helps you navigate through life's challenges, transitions, and opportunities with greater ease and confidence. By aligning your inner values with your actions, you'll experience significant shifts in how you perceive and interact with the world around you.

Coaching Packages

Discover the right coaching package that resonates with your path to transformation. Each package is designed to cater to different needs, ensuring a supportive and enriching journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

Silver Package: The Foundation

  • 8 x 60-minute coaching sessions over 2 months.
  • Perfect for addressing one life area to focus holistic coaching on. 
  • We'll create action plans with a step-by-step future forward strategy.
  • Learn how to manifest our desires with clarity and intention.

Ideal for those new to personal development seeking to explore foundational principles and start their journey towards transformation.

Gold Package: The Journey

  • 24 x 60-minute coaching sessions over 6 months.
  • Perfect for addressing the interplay of multiple life areas towards achievement. 
  • We'll complete an in-depth assessment for personal and long-term harmony.
  • Learn how to discover, initiate, and attain successful transitions.

Intended for individuals ready to commit deeply to their personal growth and create significant changes in their lives.

Platinum Package: The Transformation

  • 48 x 60-minute coaching sessions over 1 year.
  • Perfect for addressing a multitude of life areas, transitions, and goal attainment. 
  • We'll craft a comprehensive transformation plan covering all areas of life.
  • Learn holistic steps to create a new paradigm from which to view yourself.

Designed for those who are committed to a complete life overhaul, demanding intensive support, guidance, and a fully customized approach to achieve lasting change.

Transform Your Life Today

Are you ready to overcome obstacles, achieve your deepest desires, and live a life aligned with your true essence? Key Vitality is here to guide you through every step of your transformative journey. My holistic approach ensures not just temporary fixes but lasting changes that resonate with your soul's purpose. It's a beautiful thing.

Embark on a journey of transformation. Discover how holistic coaching can illuminate your path to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Coaching Packages


Venturing into a coaching relationship with me means forging a bond with an expert attuned to both your life’s tangible goals and its energetic undercurrents. Together, let's discover where you are on your life’s path and develop tailored strategies that not only meet but exceed your aspirations. With tools grounded in both contemporary coaching methods and ancient Feng Shui principles, my coaching ensures you’re spiritually, mentally, and emotionally primed for every challenge and opportunity life presents.

Embrace the fusion of energy and intention with my unique life coaching approach. Ready to harmonize your energies and realize your fullest potential? Begin your transformational journey today.

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Seeking profound change in your life can often lead you to search for “life coach near me”. Whether you're aspiring to land that dream job, yearn for a harmonious relationship, achieve wellness goals, or simply desire to manifest the best version of yourself, life coaching with Key Vitality can be the catalyst for your transformation.

However, what if the transformative guidance you seek isn't confined by proximity?

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You might be set on the idea of having a coach nearby, believing that true connection requires physical proximity. But consider the possibilities online coaching with Key Vitality brings to the table:

  1. Ubiquity: Your coaching sessions are now as adaptable as your lifestyle. Whether you're at a cafe, on a vacation, or in the comfort of your living room, your life coach is just a click away.
  2. Flexibility: No commute, no scheduling around office hours. You design a routine that fits seamlessly into your life.
  3. Boundless Expertise: Geographical limitations might sometimes restrict the local expertise available to you. With online coaching, you have the luxury to choose from a diverse range of trained professionals, regardless of where they are based. Dive deep into energy work, Feng Shui principles, and the nine vital life areas with a coach who truly resonate with these disciplines. It's like no other coaching elsewhere because I want to help you transform your life inside and out.
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While the medium might be digital, the essence of life coaching remains unchanged. It's about the connection, the shared journey, the mutual commitment to growth. With Key Vitality's online coaching, you receive all this and more. It's about ensuring that wherever you are, your journey towards a harmonized and vibrant life never halts.

Engaging in the online life coaching programs means embracing convenience without compromising on authenticity, depth, or expertise. Let Key Vitality guide you through a transformative journey, unbounded by geography. Dive into the world of Feng Shui and the limitless of life coaching possibilities with me. I cannot wait to see what we can do together!

Unlock your hidden vitality

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