$349.00 USD

Video Lessons + Group Coaching

Amplify Your Wealth Journey with Group Coaching 

Elevate your path to financial prosperity with our Wealth & Abundance Program - Choice 2, blending insightful video lessons with the dynamic support of group coaching sessions. This combination is perfect for those seeking both self-guided learning and the interactive, collaborative experience of a group setting!

What you'll get:

  • Engaging Video Lessons: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive video modules that provide a deep dive into wealth creation, abundance mindsets, and effective financial strategies. These lessons are designed to build a solid foundation for your financial growth.

  • Interactive Group Coaching Sessions: Complement your video learning with group coaching sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss the lessons, share experiences, and gain diverse perspectives, all while building a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

  • Collaborative Learning Environment: Benefit from the shared wisdom and motivation of a group. This collaborative approach not only enhances your understanding but also provides accountability and support as you apply the principles to your financial life.

Please Note:

  • Enrollment includes access to both the video lessons and scheduled group coaching sessions, providing a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Group sessions are designed to align with the video content, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive journey.
  • Make sure your schedule aligns with the group coaching sessions to maximize your experience.

Are you ready to join a community of individuals committed to achieving wealth and abundance? Enroll now in our Wealth & Abundance Program - Choice 2, and take a significant step towards mastering your financial destiny!