$349.00 USD

Video Lessons + Group Coaching Sessions

Elevate Your Relationship Journey with Group Support

Embark on a transformative exploration of love and relationships with our comprehensive Video Lessons + Group Coaching Sessions. This unique combination is designed to not only provide insightful knowledge through video content but also enrich your learning experience with the support and wisdom of a like-minded community!

What you'll get:

  • Engaging Video Lessons: Immerse yourself in carefully curated video modules that cover the spectrum of relationship building, maintenance, and growth. These lessons provide foundational knowledge and insights.

  • Interactive Group Coaching Sessions: Join weekly group coaching sessions led by our experienced coaches. These sessions offer a platform to discuss the video content, share experiences, and gain diverse perspectives, all while fostering a supportive community atmosphere.

  • Dynamic Learning Environment: Experience the synergy of combining self-paced learning with interactive group dynamics. This approach not only deepens your understanding but also allows for the application of concepts in real-world scenarios.

Please Note:

  • Enrollment includes access to both video lessons and scheduled group coaching sessions over the course of the program.
  • Group sessions provide an opportunity for personal growth in a shared learning environment, enhancing the overall impact of the program.
  • Ensure your availability aligns with the group coaching schedule provided at enrollment.

Ready to deepen your understanding of relationships and connect with others on the same path? Enroll now in our Love & Relationships Program - Choice 2, and start building stronger, more meaningful connections today!